Do you ever wander what the big deal is about handmade? 

In today's marketplace, we are truly spoilt for choice. At any given time, we can purchase anything our heart desires, at the click of our fingertips. The internet is truly amazing for connecting us to brands that we love and seeing an insight into their world. It's no secret that I am an advocate of handmade and I love social media for the connection that it gives us with independent brands. But do you ever wander why brands choose to produce their items handmade? Why they are more expensive? Why would you support a smaller retailer rather than a large company?

It is refreshing to see that as a society, we are becoming more conscious about where the clothing we purchase comes from, who made it and under what conditions. A lot of indie brands choose to manufacture their goods in house, either themselves or in a small team as their brand grows. This ensures that their staff can work in fair conditions, with proper rest and meal breaks, and are paid a fair wage. If you are interested in ethical production, Fashion Revolution is an exciting movement to follow, committed to creating a more accountable fashion industry, where dignity of toil and a safe environment are standard and not the exception.

So why the added cost, if handmade brands are literally making their items with their hands and usually in a small home or studio setting? I think a common misconception with handmade is the time and effort that goes into the whole process of producing a handmade item. Yes, a maker has to take their materials, use their time and effort to manufacture it into a tangible item, but that is certainly not all. So much time goes into sourcing correct materials, designing and sampling products (usually a lot more than once or twice!), for clothing testing the fit of their designs, photography, managing the online presence of their brand. Something else to consider is the time and effort a maker has put into learning their craft - some are formally trained via tertiary education and some makers have spent years and years perfecting their craft.

Makers of handmade businesses put so much love and soul into what they create. When you purchase something handmade, you are buying a little extension of their heart and soul that they put in to creating that object for you. I am a firm believer that art is an expression of one's self and for makers, what they create in their "art". Owners of handmade businesses light up with a smile and do a little happy dance when they make a sale. Indie businesses try to accommodate customer's needs, and will often go above any beyond  to make customisations to make their product extra special for you. 

Of course, it is not realistically possible to be sustainable and support handmade in all of our day to day purchases, but by raising awareness and making conscious choices where we are able to, we will make a difference and support businesses with heart! Who doesn't love to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside? 

These are some handmade labels I love and you might too!

1. Alice Nightingale

Alice Nightingale creates the cutest vintage and retro inspired clothing with a distinctive design details and always high quality workmanship. 

alice nightingale - blog post lazy girl lingerie

2. Lady Fox

Exquisite statement jewellery for the stylish mystic, handmade in Melbourne by Penelope Dudgeon. Lady Fox is where style meets soul - elegant, playful and timeless pieces, made with love and infused with a touch of magic to make you feel good from the inside out.