About My Brand: Why Lingerie?

A question I get asked so often when meeting people and telling them about my lingerie label Lazy Girl Lingerie, is "Why lingerie? What  made you decide to start a lingerie brand?" If you want to know a little about this as well, grab a cup of tea and keep reading!

When did I start? 

I have been very creative and arty since I was a little girl, but sewing only started to take my fancy in the later years of high school when I was interested in making unique clothing that was different to everyone else's. I had a small handmade line of upcycled vintage dresses that was my first introduction into the fashion world. I taught myself the basics of sewing, with help from both of my nanna's, but felt frustrated not knowing the technical skills of fashion design and pattern making so I decided to pack up ship and move away from home to study Fashion. I absolutely loved college, pattern making was definitely my favourite subject! We studied a unit on swimwear and lingerie in class, and that was the real turning point for me when I knew I had found my "thing". I found it fascinating to learn the pattern making and technical sewing skills associated with stretch fabrics and lingerie specifically, and it really gave me the push to bring the ideas in my head to life. 

Why did I start?

I was dreaming of lingerie that was soft, comfortable, feminine, unique and made me feel amazing about my body. Lingerie that was made with heart and NOT mass produced in a sweat shop. The flexibility to have different sizes for tops and bottoms was important - I am a natural pear shape so I knew the struggles of trying to squeeze my booty into matching set sizes that just wasn't going to fit! I couldn't find the sort of pieces that I wanted to wear around, so I decided to start making them, and it all really took off from there!

Where am I now? 

The internet has been amazing for connecting with women who resonate with the free spirited vibe of Lazy Girl Lingerie and appreciate these same points of difference. Lazy Girl Lingerie is an online store, and I have had the absolute delight of stocking my designs in a few lovely boutiques, both Australian and International. I regularly collaborate with creatives to bring our ideas to life and absolutely love connecting with like minded people. 

What with the future entail?

I cant give too much away, but I am definitely aiming to provide more supportive styles for larger bust sizes in the not too distant future! I plan to keep exploring my creative ideas, always working on becoming bigger and better. 


What would you like to see more of from Lazy Girl Lingerie? Let me know in the comments...