"We are all artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. Mix the colours your own way and apply emotion liberally. Don't be afraid to let your brushstrokes show, and above all else, make sure your art has soul" - Christen Rodgers

What inspires Lazy Girl Lingerie? I have always been an arty gal, dabbling in mixed media, drawing, painting, crafting and finally found my forte with sewing. I have a true love and appreciation for creativity and find art so very inspiring. Check out my favourite artists at the moment... 

Shakirra Rees

Shakirra is a young fibre and textile artist from the Central Coast, in Australia. Shakirra embroiders unique designs onto textile garments and fibre art wall hangings. Each one of a kind embroidery design is hand drawn onto each item and individually hand sewn, with a whole lot of love and care going into each artwork. Check out more of Shakirra Rees incredible work!

Rachel Burke 

Rachel is a very clever cookie, and I have followed her creative journey from her I Make You Wear It project, where she made a dress every day for a year to raise money for the Starlight Foundation. These days she is a self described "Beader, bedazzler and Apomogiser." Check out Rachel's work on Instagram for some seriously cute and fabulous inspiration.  

Reindeer Ink

When you really really love pretty ink but are way too chicken to get it done? I admire from afar... but Reindeer Ink also offers a range of the prettiest temporary tattoos I have ever laid eyes on! Problem solved!

Kat LaRanger 

Kat's work is about how it feels to live in a woman's body, and is very much about her personal experience. All her pieces are drawn from life with the use of mirrors. She works in pen, watercolor, and gouache to create an emotional environment for her figures to exist in.  She strives to show the power, vulnerability, and resilience of the female form in her artwork. 

Who do you admire artistically? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear!

Cassandra xx