Planning Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

So your big day is getting close, and you have decided to treat yourself to something special and organise a bridal boudoir shoot. Get started with my top tips!

Lazy Girl Lingerie - handmade, lace, lingerie, bridal boudoir

1. Pick a great photographer to work with. 

This is my number one tip because it is the most important factor in my opinion. Do your research of a few local photographers that interest you, look at their websites and social media. Find someone that you love their style of photography and the 'feel' of the images they have posted. Don't be afraid to make contact to talk to them personally on the phone to make sure you are comfortable and also provide inspiration images to get clear on the look you are after. Being comfortable is SO important and it really shows through in your photos. 

2. Location

Location Location! The exciting thing about a bridal boudoir (or any boudoir shoot really) is the huge variety of settings you can pick to tailor to you and your personality. You might be after a classic hotel suite boudoir session with a crisp and polished feel, or you might love the idea of an outdoor boudoir - you could even contact a furniture hire company and set up an "outdoor bedroom" with some funky furniture for something different. Be creative and do what excites you! It's your chance to have some fun and spoil yourself. 

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Treat Yourself

I mean this is an excuse to pamper yourself, right? Don't be afraid to treat yourself to the pampering that you SO deserve. Before your shoot, do all the things that make you feel amazing - put on a face mask, use your favourite scented moisturiser, paint your nails. For hair and makeup on the day I would recommend a look that you are naturally drawn to so that you feel most comfortable and at ease. 

4. Lingerie

Time for the exciting part - lingerie! Pick lingerie that you love the way it makes you feel. My favourite would have to be the Adeina Bodysuit - lace up backs are always a winner for me. I also love the Ivy Bralette and Knickers for a simple and sweet look. Other bridal boudoir favourites include the Noelle Set, Noelle Chemise and the Ivy Crop

5. Accessories

Time to have some fun and add props and accessories to your shoot. A veil is a great accessory that you might have already purchased for your big day. If not, I couldn't go past these handcrafted beauties by Madame Tulle, handmade in Sydney, Australia. Some other extras you might choose to bring could be heels, some jewellery, flowers, a beautiful robe, or a garter. 

Image Source: Madame Tulle


Above all else, remember to smile, embrace yourself  and have fun!

Cassandra xx